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American Israel

Cannabis Association

Project: Create an identity system for new startup

Date: 2017


The America Israel Cannabis Association (AICA) seeks to foster collaboration, opportunity, and support between North American and Israeli cannabis companies and individuals.

Being a new startup company, they needed to develop an identity system that they could use in preparation for their launch. 


Use subtle Jewish, American, and Cannabis symbols to portray the international nature of the business partnerships.


Create a Logo Mark

Research forms, symbols, and colors that could be refined into an identity mark that could be easily replicated in both digital and print forms. This final mark will make the connection of the affiliates involved from both America and Israel.


During the discovery process I found several Israeli symbols of peace portrayed with the olive branch and the dove. I thought there would be a good opportunity to blend these symbols together by replacing the leaves on the olive branch with elegant cannabis leaves, and abstracting the dove in a way that it could incorporate the stripes from the American flag into the wings. So I went to town making sketches that would begin to blend the ideas together.

Once I had some inspiration, I sketched out several different ideas and focused my exploration on the initial “M”. Ideas ranged from metropolitan buildings to modern twists on culinary themes. For example, using circles as representations of the small plates and wine glass rims.

After digitizing several options, the client chose a design that uses an icon which is encircled by the organizations name. The icon is beautifully balanced with a single-weight monoline stroke. It’s open form flows seamlessly and cleverly combines the four critical elements that the client needed to convey (the stripes of the American flag, a dove, a cannabis plant, and the Star of David).


Postcard Invites to promote the AICA brand.

AICA-card holder.png

AICA Card Holder produced for marketing events

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