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Planet Color

Salon and Spa

Project: Planet Color identity and way-finding systems design.

Date: 2015


Planet Color is a salon and spa located in Andover, Massachusetts. Located in the basement of a three-story building, they needed to somehow bring more attention to the salon from outside and drive up sales. They sought out to create everything from a logo refresh to way-finding signage and marketing materials.



Planet Color was seen as a hip and progressive salon. They wanted something that was jazzy and upbeat and matched the interior design and spirited staff. Playful and long lasting were key words to focus on.


Create a Logo Mark

Research the history of the salon and familiarize myself with the company brand. Then I needed to examine the existing work space, and identify what opportunities were good for potential brand messaging and marketing.

Beginning with the logo design, I made a mind map of words revolving around the words of the company ‘Planet’ and ‘Color’. The words were packed with meaning and I got to work sketching several different ideas that may provide some inspiration for a new identity.

We landed on a logo that featured stark contrasts of shape and color to create a vibrant and recognizable mark. To keep things fun and exciting, I used alternating colors for each letter in the word ‘COLOR’. I then used a neutral black to fill in a large planet like circle that would house the word ‘Planet’. We then used the same black to highlight the services of the business below the word color.


With a refreshed logo mark identified, we moved on to create business cards and a services brochure. Aside from the employee title and contact information, we included an appointment reminder on the back of the cards that could be filled out and handed to the customer directly.


Planet Color business cards


Planet Color services brochure

Being that the company was located in the basement of the three-story building, customers were often confused on how to enter into the salon. Previously, as customers found their way to the basement they were faced with a long white hallway, and multiple wooden doors with no signage or directory available. To begin to define these areas I created vinyl decals that could posted onto the wooden doors that would help customers to identify the shop from other businesses in the hallway.


Vinyl decal for door signage


Decal placed on the door outside of the office.

Outside the building there was no designated signage directory for the business who occupied the spaces, so we created a way-finding sign that could be hung on the outside of the building to communicate the location and brand.


Way-finding signage hung outside of the building.

Now that we had the logo, business cards, and way-finding signage established we created several print marketing materials to promote brand awareness and promotional services.


A-Frame way-finding poster set outside the building to promote services and promotional sales


Post card created to promote the Blow Dry Club promotion

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