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Nancy Gill, Dentistry

Project: Nancy Gill Identity Systems Design

Date: 2016


Dr. Nancy Gill is a dentist located in Golden, Colorado. After moving to Golden, in 2005, she opened her practice. Her practice focuses on preventative care but does perform restorative care as well. After growing her practice significantly, she was expanding her business and wanted to rebrand her office into something more professional and permanent.


Create a logo that is progressive, modern and memorable. The client wanted something colored in blue and gray to keep it fresh and neutral.


The client would need not only a new logo, but a complete overhaul of the business collateral (business cards, envelopes, pens, etc.), and new way-finding signage for inside and outside of the practice.



Research the dental industry and identify the common motifs and trends. Document the Golden area, it’s history, demographics and document any competitors working in the area.


Use the research to create effective branding elements for the identity mark, business collateral, and way-finding signage.

Below are the sketches I composed to begin the ideation process for the logo design. The ideas ranged from abstract teeth, to abstractions of the famous Lookout Mountain in Golden.

Upon the many sketches and ideations, the client received several digitized options with color choices to choose from. While there were numerous second choice selections from the staff, it was almost a unanimous decision amongst everyone’s first choice which can be seen below.


The final logo featured a tooth over two triangle shapes. The tooth, however, uses negative space that is removed from the background to form the shape. To help carry the motif I used a triangular textile-like pattern in the background.  It is comprised of different blues that are brilliant and of full saturation. Below the icon is the name of the practice set in Gotham Light typeface.


With the identity mark established, we needed to translate that design into the other collateral pieces. While many different designs were presented, the client opted for the minimalistic approach, allowing only the logo and fonts to breath color into an otherwise stark white background.


Dr. Nancy Gill business stationary designs

Now that we have developed the collateral, we moved on to creating way-finding signage. I created a single color version of the logo that could be used as vinyl on the doors. And after working with a local vinyl shop I worked with them to organize the installation of the signage for the glass doors, inside wall, and parking lot directory signage.  

Office Front End_Mock Up.jpg

Dr. Nancy Gill logo mark. Adhesive vinyl on wall.


Dr. Nancy Gill way-finding signage. Vinyl on glass and banner vinyl on wood.

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