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Sports Authority

Project: Multiple projects

Date: 2014-2016


Over the course of three years I worked at Sports Authority as a designer on both the ‘In-store team’ and the ‘Digital Team”. When working with the in-store team, I managed the interior graphics for new builds and remodels. This included graphic placements for retail merchandising displays, way-finding signage, POP graphics, front-end window displays, quarterly campaign designs and more.


When I joined the ‘digital’ team, I worked alongside a team of designers who managed the marketing campaigns for Pay Per Click advertising, promotional web banner advertising, and email/newsletter designs.  


Use consumer research and marketing trends to develop and create all print and digital marketing for brick-and-mortar and digital touch points. Coordinate all marketing materials between the print and digital teams to ensure brand accuracy and consistency.


Sports Authority_Logo.png

Work alongside the other designs and art directors to create all marketing materials, both print and digital, and to curate the customer experiences, promote brand awareness, and manage the Sports Authority brand in conjunction with other major brands like Nike, Under Armor, The North Face, Adidas, and more.


While designing for the Sports Authority’s 'In-Store' team, I was responsible for creating everything from the way-finding signage (i.e. bathroom signs and category signs) to product POS marketing as well.


Essentially, my team was responsible for curating all the different touch-points in the customers journey, to ensure there was accurate product information, brand consistency, and a seamless shopping experience when visiting a Sports Authority store.

Above Image: Interior shot of the Sports Authority retail space. I was responsible for designing and managing everything from the way-finding category banners, to the different product display graphics.

Vinyl lettering adhered to the walls to of the retail space, to carry through different bits of messaging during our “the power of play” branding campaign.


I developed and designed peg-board graphics for the baseball bat section which included custom baseball field vector art that was repeated pattern across the display. I also created POS signage about the ‘MORE Online’ campaign and the product information (size, weight, features, etc.).


Image of the treadmill directory. The display includes individual POS graphics for each of the treadmills, and lists out the product information and details. On the top left of the directory is a “MORE Online” graphic that I designed and used in Sports Authority’s attempt to draw more awareness and interaction online.


Close up of a topper graphic for a treadmill. Featured at the top of the graphic is the promotion of the “MORE Online” campaign to drive more customers to the Sports Authority website and increase online sales.


Image of the Sports Authority Yoga ‘athleisure’ clothing area. Atop of the display are topper graphics promoting the “MORE Online” campaign to draw more awareness and sales online.

Images of a light-box graphics I created to highlight the newest fitness product in our Sport Authority “Elite” store located in Cherry Creek, CO and other affluent areas.

Sports Authority ‘Innovative’ Kids Shop

Sports Authority wanted to redesign their “Kids Shop” and create something that was less in line with the Sports Authority brand, and oriented more towards a kid’s theme. I was personally tasked with redesigning the kids shop and the final outcome was very successful and helped to increase sales in the kid’s section, while also improving upon the current customer shopping experience.

Image of the final Sports Authority "Innovative" Kids' Shop.

After conducting research into multiple kid’s retail shopping spaces, I created mood boards filled with different color, image, texture, and type choices that I then presented to other designers and directors for their opinions.


With a clear path forward, I arrived at a design solution that featured bright and colorful backgrounds, hand drawn sports iconography, hand drawn typography and lifestyle photography cut outs.


The redesign of the shop was received very well and increased awareness on kids apparel and goods. We began with a trial run for one store and within a few months we were able to increase sales of kid’s sporting goods for that shop.

Header graphic used for the girls Under Armor apparel display
​Header graphic used for the boys Nike apparel display

Header graphics used for the boys and girls apparel display

Image of the girls footwear header graphic designed for the Kids' Innovation Shop
Image of the boys’ footwear header graphic designed for the Kids' Innovation Shop

Header graphics used for the boys and girls footwear displays

Image of the boys' Nike apparel header graphic designed for the Kids' Innovation Shops

Header graphics used for the boys and girls Nike apparel display


Side graphics used for the boys and girls backpack display

Side graphics used for the boys and girls backpack display

Chicago Cubs

World Series Project

During the 2016 World Series, the Chicago Cubs faced off against the Cleveland Indians and won. Sports Authority, being a major player in the sporting goods arena, uses these major games to promote sales and offers.


I was tasked with creating several billboard designs and a cut-out stand that was displayed outside Wrigley's Field. The in-store team first spent time creating the campaign elements which consisted of winter holiday elements like snowflakes and Christmas ornaments that were colored with Sports Authority red’s and blues.


The tagline “unwrap sport, Chicago” was used to promote the campaign and we had successful sales partly due to geotargeting and the wide-spread fan base of the Chicago Cubs.


Image of the vertical and horizontal billboards that were posted in the Stadium during the World Series, as well as other places throughout town.


Image of Sports Authority billboard displayed on a digital screen during the World Series of 2016

Because I was one of the designers at Sports Authority who could also illustrate, I was approached by other groups in the organization to create a large 7’x6’ cut-out to promote the Sports Authority brand and sales campaigns during the 2016 World Series.


I began with sketching several ideas and the option featured below is what was chosen as the final design. With executive approval I began to digitize the art and create a vector graphic that could be used as a cut-out stand-in for the Chicago Cubs fans attending the World Series in 2016.

Image of Sports Authority billboard displayed on a downtown structure during the World Series of 2016


Sketch of the final design options for the 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series cut-out

Final art used for the 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series cut-out

Sports Authority

Cleat Valley Graphics

I was tasked with designing new “Cleat Valley” signs that would ‘Pop’ and stand-out from the rest of the store signs, and draw attention to those sections.


The following graphics were signs I developed in Photoshop which are comprised of modern visual textures and high-contrasting colors to help it pop out from the surrounding signage.


Graphics used for the 8 Panel Cleat Valley wall in store. 48”x30”. 3/16” Foam Core.

Image of the Football Cleats graphic featured in the Colorado Mills Sports Authority. 

Sports Authority

Visual Merchandising

As a member of the in-store team, I got the chance to design several visual merchandising wind displays. They alternated quarterly, and I found great excitement producing displays that could possibly tempt, guide, and entice potential customers to just enter the store.


Over the course of 2 years I created several designs that ultimately made it into the store fronts, and help to drive awareness and sales for each quarterly campaign.

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