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Cricle K

Project: Circle K Holiday Display Design

Date: 2018


As a designer for SRP Companies I was commissioned to develop and design a holiday shipper for Circle K. Circle K is a convenience store chain offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. SRP is a main supplier to Circle-K and we were offering a new program for the holiday season.



Develop and create a holiday shipper that could hold several products and items that could be sold as gifts during the holiday season.


Work with our Chinese partners to develop a shipper display dieline that could be arranged in different sizes, according to the size of the store and program. Then I would develop a design that would fit within the Circle K brand as well as the typical holiday season. However, I wanted to focus on a neutral holiday display that could be appealing to all people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

As we were under a tight deadline, the development of this shipper display was expedited and designed with little research and exploration. However, because most of the product was bright and playful, I knew I wanted something that was cheerful and bright.


With little time for custom development, I sourced several different elements from stock image sites like Adobe Stock, and fused them together into one cohesive design that was neutral and fitting for the holiday season.


Stock vectors used in the final Circle K Holiday Shipper Design

The final design was set on a cool winter blue backdrop, and featured mistletoe and snowflake decorations along the borders. Along the bottom, I set abstract trees on snow blanketed hills to ground the design and portray a winter scene.


Final Circle K Holiday Shipper display dieline with art


Final Circle K Holiday Shipper display with the 75% off messaging printed directly onto the header.

The next challenge was to address the markdowns that would take place throughout the holiday seasons. There were no pricing strips that could be replaced by field reps, so I suggested using peel away stickers on the header that could be peeled away at different points to reflect different price points.


We created two different sized pricing stickers in the form of ornaments. These stickers would fit within the theme of the display and blend in to avoid customers from peeling the stickers off themselves.


The goal was to eventually show three different price points: The original $3.99 price point, and two discounted price points set at 50% off and 75% off. I decided to include the 75% off price in my header design, and it was directly printed onto the graphic. Then, we were going to have the printer place the incrementally larger 50% off sticker over the 75% off graphic, and the original slightly larger $3.99 sticker over the 50% off sticker. That way, when the time came to drop the price, the field reps could peel off each sticker to show the different price points as needed.


Circle K $3.99 sticker


Circle K 50% off sticker

Option A. It is the largest set for stores that employ the larger program options. It features two displays set side-by-side. On one side it features the winter wear items, and on the other it features the musical unicorn sticks, ball caps, and coin punches.

2018_Circle K Holiday Shipper_Double Fro
2018_Circle K Holiday Shipper_Single Fro

Option B. It is the smaller of the two programs and only offers half the product on one display. This was to be used for Circle K stores that had less room or budget for the A option.

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