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The Dusty Boot Rebrand and 20th Year Anniversary

Project: The Dusty Boot Rebrand and 20th Year Anniversary Logo Mark

Date: 2017


The Dusty Boot is a rustic, wood-accented steakhouse with cowboy decor located in Beaver Creek, offering local craft beers & TVs at the bar. It is one of many different restaurants owned and operated by the Roadhouse Hospitality Group. Begging its roots in 1997, they sought out to refresh the current look while creating a 20th Anniversary seal that could accompany their 20th Anniversary celebration.



Older Dusty Boot Identity Mark

Update the current logo mark and create a 20th Anniversary seal that could be presented alongside the logo on both print and digital platforms.


Create a Logo Mark

Research the history of the restaurant and familiarize myself with the company brand and objectives. Then, present a modern refresh of their classic logo and create an accompanying logo mark for the 20th Anniversary celebration campaign. In addition, create print marketing materials that will help to promote the 20th Anniversary celebration event.

Considering their long legacy in the Vail Valley, I decided to keep in line with their existing logo and present a modern refresh of their classic logo. Using a slightly bolder font that was uniform in weight, I manipulated some of the letters so the baselines were shifting and set at different points to give the illusion of movement and zest. To keep with the rustic feel of the bar I distressed the typeface and added the “established date” to give a sense of antiquity and authenticity.

Dusty Boot_Logo.png

We also decided to drop the word ‘The’ and ‘Steakhouse and Saloon’ making the final name “Dusty Boot Roadhouse”.  By adding the Roadhouse logo below the logo mark we were creating the opportunity to build up the equity of the Roadhouse brand, and introduce their patrons to the larger network of restaurant owners and members.

Then I sorted through several different ideas for incorporating a 20th Anniversary mark to promote the campaign. Our greatest challenge was finding a way to incorporate all three of the elements into one mark. Eventually, we created a mark that used color and hierarchy to convey the message and brand.

Dusty Boot_20th Anniversary Logo.png

With the new logo established, we needed to create some marketing materials to spread the word. We decided to create a direct mailer to promote the Relaunch of Dusty Boot Roadhouse Eagle, and to get people to come in and receive their 20th anniversary gift, which is a specialty burger.


Front of post card

Back of post card

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