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Sterilis Label Design

Project: Sterilis Label Design

Date: 2016


I was approached by Sterilis, a company located in Boston, MA to design two label designs for their new proprietary deodorizing solution. Sterilis, already created an original machine that could turn regulated medical waste into sanitary trash, and was now developing a deodorizing agent that could be used along side their machine.


After an initial conversation with the CEO about the company background, goals and intent, we made a list of key words regarding the direction. The key words that the company settled on were centered around words like environmental, green, trees, fresh, machinery, glass, scientific, atoms, etc.


With the words identified I proceeded to look over their current brand assets, website, and blogs to better familiarize myself with the brand.



Once I got a firm understanding of the company, the market and their competitors, I grabbed my camera and went to conduct some research in the field to capture some inspiration from other examples of deodorizers and cleaning solutions currently available on the market shelves .

To provide context into my proposed solution, I put together some ideas, mood boards, and sketches that helped the client visualize the direction I was heading. They selected a general design based on the drawings, and I went to work designing two labels that were closely related to the key words outlined during the discovery process, and in-line with their current brand and strategy.


Upon the final presentation, we made subtle changes and finalized on a solution that was fresh and clean, while delivering all the necessary consumer information that was required to be on the label. The project was successful and the client was very pleased with the final deliverables.

Sterilis_Regular Strength_Label.png

Final Regular Strength label design

Sterilis_Extra Strength_Label.png

Final Extra Strength label design

Sterilis_Regular Strength_Mock Up.png
Sterilis_Extra Strength_Mock Up.png

Images of the final Sterilis Deodorizing Solutions.

Once the labels were designed, Sterilis reached out to create an additional sales sheet that was on brand and could be used by their sales reps in the field. We created a clean and modern service plan sheet that has been used to inform consumers and make sales that have helped Sterilis to win the “Technology for a Better Tomorrow” award at the 20th annual MassTLC Leadership Awards Gala.

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