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Project: 7-Eleven Private Label Electronics Packaging + Displays

Date: 2018


In 2017 we had the opportunity to contend against several industry competitors for a 7-eleven RFP involving an electronics packaging and display design and won!


Included in our proposal was an extensive private label in-set electronics selection, and a complete bulk electronics counter display with an interactive video screen.


We focused our proposal on a complete overhaul of the brand, and organized the product by category and color, using modern color combo gradients, and black and white photography to create vibrant packaging that popped out from the display, and stood apart from the competition.

•  Beautiful Color Paired with Clean Design
•  Easy, Consumer Shopping Experience
•  Consistent yet Engaging Packaging Options

•  Easy Shop Electronic Categories by Color
•  More Category Allows for Easy Product Testing

7-eleven Electronic Display.png

•  Bright Color Helps Product Pop
•  Three Icon Feature Call Outs
•  Window creates Depth and Shows off Product

•  Clear Category Callouts on Side
•  Supportive Images and Iconography on Front and Back
•  Window Highlights Unique Features of Product

7-eleven Earbuds Packaging_Layout Image.
Phone Mount Packaging_Layout Image.png

•  Descriptive Images of Product In Use 
•  Supportive Images and Iconography
•  High Contrast Between Front and Back

•  High-Contrast Between Front and Back of Package
•  Color and Style is Consistent Across All POS
•  Information Hierarchy on Front and Back

•  Easy-To Read Headers Describe How to Use Product
•  Supportive Sub-Header Identifies Product
• Spot UV Coating on Images for Added Interest

7-eleven Charger Packaging_Layout Image.
7-eleven Cable Packaging_Layout

•  Distinct Cable Length Call Out
•  “Works With” and Connector View for Easy Shopping
•  Entices Interaction with Product

•  Large Product Titles
•  Card is Durable and Sparks Interest
•  Consumers Can Try out Cable on Their Devices

In addition to the electronics packaging designs I designed a new counter display with an interactive video screen that helped to give us the edge. Working with member from marketing and the product team, we developed and designed a customizable rack with small, medium and large bins.


The display featured bright colors that complimented the 7-Eleven branding, and clear acrylic sides that allowed the product to be seen from all angles.


The bins were easy to stock and re-stock and encouraged consumer product interaction as the product was in bins were open and freely laid out. We then created a new “GO” branding element to further differentiate between bulk and high-end connect line products.

7-eleven Bulk Counter Display.png
7-eleven Bulk Counter Display Side View.

•  Connect Line Incorporation
•  7 Eleven App Inspired Color Palette
•  Built in 6 inch Display on Header
•  Modern Icons for Ease of Shopping
•  Modular Bin/Tray Design

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